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Monday, November 14, 2005
  A Wake Up Call for the Music Industry....
My apologies for the lack of posts recently. A lot has been happening lately. Work, the new Unsigned Daily Show podcast, family, and trying to start a new business. My Father in law went to the hospital over the weekend. Not going to go into specifics. My Mother has to have an operation this week, so that has also been weighing heavy on my mind. So again, apologies, but I think you can all appreciate the logistics of where my priorities lie right now.

I will comment on the goings on with Sony however. Idiots! They really screwed up big time. Corporate sanctioned spyware? What in the H-E double hockey sticks were you thinking!? Oh right. You didn't think. Did you actually think that illegally installing a piece of software that would allow you to spy on your paying customers would be a good business decision? Did you honestly think that it would put a dent in piracy? Do you actually think that anything you do, short of going out of business, is going to prevent your "product" from being stolen? You know it is impossible to stop piracy, right?

Just think about the logic in what you are doing. You install a program that is supposed to prevent people from copying and distributing music illegally. Who is it stopping? The person who bought it!! The person who was honest enough to cough up their hard earned $15.99 so they could buy your questionable content. You think the people who buy your CD are going to be the ones who distribute it on P2P sites? All it takes is one person to rip a CD, and it is available to millions of people online. One person! And all your efforts are ruined. And that person doesn't even have to be a customer. It could be an employee or affiliate with an advanced copy. It's happened so many times that way to the movie industry, what makes you so special? No, you understand it is a losing battle. You know that everything you do will not stop it. Heck, millions of people have been illegally trading files, and you have only sued 14,000? Are you kidding me? And you don't even know if those 14,000 are even the ones responsible for what you accuse them of because they never even have a chance to come before a judge and defend themselves. Instead, you go behind closed doors and have your henchmen at a "collection agency" threaten these people into paying up. Why don't you just send someone to break their legs?

The music industry is the new mafia. They are devoid of any intelligence or business sense. They are a failing organization with the business scruples of a 10 year old with a lemonade stand. No offense to the 10 year old. You guys belong in an institution. Not the one for mentally ill, that would scare the patients. The institution I'm talking about is a museum. Where relics go so that people can pass by and say "I remember that".

I am going to announce today that I will do everything possible with the resources that I have to bring down the music business as it is today. No, I am not going to single handedly do this myself. I am going to use my show, my blog, and my voice to tell everyone in the world who listens, about how evil, antiquated, and stupid you are. But my job is actually not as difficult as you think. With all the actions you guys are taking against your customers, you are doing half the work for me. Heck, I wasn't impatient, I could wait a few more years and you'll do it for me. But I can't wait. I want you gone. You need to exist no more. Wake up music industry, your days are numbered, and I am one nail of many ready to seal your coffin.

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Capitol Records has a version of DRM.It comes into play the first time you want to play one of there cd's on your computer. You will have to agree to a license because the tracks are in Windows Media Player format.If you don't it won't play, it also won't play if for any reason you have lost your license. Trying to get the license back is a trainwreck. Whatever happened to "Fair Use"?
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