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Sunday, December 04, 2005
  Was this a case of RSS hijacking?
I had the opportunity to have an impromptu chat with George Lambert, creator of Podkey.com and the gentleman accused of hijacking the RSS feed belonging to Erik Marcus from Vegan.com. What I found out was very interesting to say the least.

First of all, the feed in question was actually a free service provided by Mr. Lambert at Podkey, and Mr. Marcus was using that service. It was picked up by Yahoo Podcasts and iTunes, and had amassed a decent sized listenership. Mr. Marcus decided he no longer wanted to use the services at Podkey, so he asked Mr. Lambert to discontinue them in this email:

> > On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Erik Marcus wrote:
> >
> > > Dear George,
> > >
> > > Please remove my show from your podkeyword site. Currently
> > > cooking.podkeyword.com gives the RSS feed
> > > for my Erik's Diner show. The only authorized RSS URL for my show is on
> > > Vegan.com .
> > >
> > > Thank you.
> > >
> > > Erik Marcus

Mr. Lambert replies the same day with this:

> On 11/14/05, George Lambert wrote:
> >
> > Dear Erik.
> >
> > someone registered cooking, vegetarian, vegan, nutrition, meat, and
> > animals.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > I have removed them all.

Mr. Lambert did what he was asked of. He removed the feed and it was no longer valid. But then he gets an email again from Mr. Marcus stating this:

> Dear George,
> I wanted you to know that my Vegan.com podcast has taken a big chunk
> of my efforts this year. My show has now lost about 75% of its
> traffic. I was not aware that the RSS feed for my show taken by
> iTunes was pointing to podkeyword rather than to my site. When you
> honored my request to delete the pointers to my show at Podkeyword's:
> cooking, vegetarian, vegan, nutrition, meat, and animals listings, my
> show's entry at iTunes stopped working and my listenership plunged 75%
> overnight.
> I therefore ask you to temporarily reinstate all these keywords to point to:
> http://www.vegan.com/diner/eriksdiner.rss
> My webmaster and I are doing everything we can to get iTunes and Yahoo
> to change over to the above URL. But in the meantime, we would both
> greatly appreciate it if you temporarily reinstate those keywords.
> This debacle has taken away much of what I've worked for over the past
> year, and I'm counting on you to make things right. We will notify
> you when Yahoo and iTunes complete their switch to the show's
> Vegan.com URL, and at that point we will ask that our relationship
> with these keywords be permanently terminated. Also, we ask that your
> company makes no more submissions of the above keywords for our show
> to other directories and services while we are working to resolve our
> difficulties with iTunes and Yahoo.
> Please notify me when the links are reinstated. Thank you.
> Erik

So Mr. Marcus told Podkey to reinstate the feed because they did not realise that the majority of their listeners were from the Podkey feed. A bit short sighted on their part. My opinion of course. The problem is that Mr. Marcus has also asked that Podkey not allow the feed to be picked up by any other directories or services. I'm sorry, but is that possible? Can you just switch off the ability of other services to pick up a feed on their own without shutting off that feed? Mr Marcus seems to think it is. But Mr. Lambert wrote this back:

>>Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 13:30:58 -0500 (EST)
>>From: George Lambert
>>To: Erik Marcus
>>Cc: Joshua Warchol
>>Subject: Re: please reinstate erik's diner keywords on podkeyword.com
>>Dear Erik - apparently we have a misunderstanding.
>>While it makes me happy to think that your show is doing so well, and
>>while I am sorry that you lost your traffic, I am unable to accept
>>your terms. If you would like to be in my index, you must accept MY
>>We have never made any explicit submissions on our keywords to anyone
>>but our opml directory is parsed routinely by other services.
>>Pointing to your rss feed for those keywords is an explicit courtesy. Our
>>index has credibility based on my work to make it highly visible, and
>>therefore credible.
>>However, for some reason (that totally escapes me) it has not occured to
>>you that your show benefits from the credibility and convenience that
>>has been created as being part of MY INDEX.
>>I removed your keywords per your request, but remember vividly, that
>>I went out of my way to insure that I had met your request.
>>Someone on your behalf, (I presume you, but am not sure) requested use of
>>those keywords, and I have never asked you for a thing.
>>You may use that same process to re-request those keywords - however using
>>my service is subject to my terms, which are very simple.
>>My Terms:
>>My Service Belongs to Me.
>>I can discontinue it at any time.
>>I can terminate anyone I want at any time for no reason at all.
>>You can register to request use of a keyword.
>>anyone who sees the opml index can use the keyword.
>>this is a service for making life easier for listeners.
>>this service was designed to create enough momentum to become
>>a real reveue generation mechanism.
>>If you would like to request something else I would be happy to consider
>>it, but only when I can actually have a reasonable chance of accomplishing
>>your goals, or if I am substantially compensated for doing so.
>>You actually might take a moment to consider the following.
>>You might save yourself considerable hassle by using the momentum
>>and not fighting it. There was a perfectly valid set of reasons for my
>>developing this service. It was to make it easier for podcasters to
>>evolve, and to make watercooler conversation about podcasts bring new
>>visitors. These mechanisms also create opportunities for
>>creating marketing.
>>When I started this service over a year ago, I put a great deal of thought
>>into where the demand would come from, and what would be the problems that
>>come with that growth. This service is all about solving those problems.
>>People who have already put links into there devices will not know about
>>your changes to the urls, and even if you convince yahoo and itunes and
>>whomever to make the changes you may not get your listenership back.
>>The non-technical listener to podcasts does not understand the first thing
>>about urls, they understand they will type what they are given... So the
>>theory goes, lets make it easy to type... Lets make it easier to share.
>>It occurs to me that you are trying to put the g''enie back in the
>>bottle, and fight the momentum - the thing that appears to have escaped
>>your thought process is that you might want to use this as a mechanism
>>for directing the g''enie.
>>Not once have you asked why is this service here.
>>Not once have you asked why it works.
>>Not once have you asked what are the real benefits.
>>Not once have you asked what are the real benefits.
>>Not once have you asked how I might be able to help you.
>>What you have done it told me what I will do for you.
>>You have also told me on what terms I will do that for you.
>>Some things that you have not considered....
>>podkeywords are a perfect advertising mechanism.
>>podkeywords are phonetic, which means spelling does not count ;)
>>podkeyworks are the phonetic google of podcasting, since people
>>(myself included) can not spell.
>>If you would like to use my service on my terms, please re-register
>>them at:
>>If you would like to license the long term use of those keywords that
>>could certianly be arranged. If you have additional questions or would
>>like to discuss these topics in more detail, please feel free to call me
>>at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Now I don't know about you, but that does not sound like a man trying to extort money. He basically says that what is asked cannot be done. It isn't part of the service. He then goes on to say what his service offers, and the benefits of using it. Anything needed past that, is extra, if he must make time to do it. He did not say out right that he would charge, he said if he had time to do it, or if he was compensated for his time. I don't know about you, but I would prefer to get paid for my work. Mr. Marcus was already getting something for nothing, now he wants more than he agreed to, all because he did not pay attention to what he was doing. I assume that Mr. Marcus was the one who submitted for a feed on Podkey, or someone in his organization.

Needless to say, Mr. Lambert is now getting accused of something he has not done. I do not know if the news organizations that are reporting on this are skewing the information, or they are getting fed the wrong details, but I encourage them to do their job and get the whole story. I also ask that Mr. Marcus contact me and at least tell me his side of the story. Either via email, or doing an interview on my podcast as Mr. Lambert has done.

Mr. Lambert has been very forthcoming in this situation, and has had nothing to hide. In fact, the emails I received where from his blog on Podkey. And at the end of that last email, he asks Mr. Marcus to call him so that the situation can be fixed. Did he call back? Not according to Mr. Lambert. How about it Mr. Marcus, how did that phone conversation go before you decided to go to the press?

Shame on the press for lying, shame on them for reducing themselves to a half assed version of a 24 hour news network. And shame on Mr. Marcus for not wanting to take care of this properly with some civility.

For shame.

My opinion of course...........

For the other side of the story, listen to the interview with Mr. Lambert at www.unsignedpodcastnetwork.com.
For more information about podkey and their services, go to www.podkey.com.
For more information about Vegan.com, go to www.vegan.com
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
  Is your RSS being hijacked?
Over at Cyberlaw Stanford, an interesting post about RSS feeds getting hijcked. Good to know if you are a podcaster or blogger.

Article is here.

Although this is nothing new, it is good to know. Especially with all the new found fame podcasting is getting, the community should be aware of this. If you see a new podcast directory pop up, then get over to it and claim or submit your feed. Protect yourself!
Monday, November 14, 2005
  A Wake Up Call for the Music Industry....
My apologies for the lack of posts recently. A lot has been happening lately. Work, the new Unsigned Daily Show podcast, family, and trying to start a new business. My Father in law went to the hospital over the weekend. Not going to go into specifics. My Mother has to have an operation this week, so that has also been weighing heavy on my mind. So again, apologies, but I think you can all appreciate the logistics of where my priorities lie right now.

I will comment on the goings on with Sony however. Idiots! They really screwed up big time. Corporate sanctioned spyware? What in the H-E double hockey sticks were you thinking!? Oh right. You didn't think. Did you actually think that illegally installing a piece of software that would allow you to spy on your paying customers would be a good business decision? Did you honestly think that it would put a dent in piracy? Do you actually think that anything you do, short of going out of business, is going to prevent your "product" from being stolen? You know it is impossible to stop piracy, right?

Just think about the logic in what you are doing. You install a program that is supposed to prevent people from copying and distributing music illegally. Who is it stopping? The person who bought it!! The person who was honest enough to cough up their hard earned $15.99 so they could buy your questionable content. You think the people who buy your CD are going to be the ones who distribute it on P2P sites? All it takes is one person to rip a CD, and it is available to millions of people online. One person! And all your efforts are ruined. And that person doesn't even have to be a customer. It could be an employee or affiliate with an advanced copy. It's happened so many times that way to the movie industry, what makes you so special? No, you understand it is a losing battle. You know that everything you do will not stop it. Heck, millions of people have been illegally trading files, and you have only sued 14,000? Are you kidding me? And you don't even know if those 14,000 are even the ones responsible for what you accuse them of because they never even have a chance to come before a judge and defend themselves. Instead, you go behind closed doors and have your henchmen at a "collection agency" threaten these people into paying up. Why don't you just send someone to break their legs?

The music industry is the new mafia. They are devoid of any intelligence or business sense. They are a failing organization with the business scruples of a 10 year old with a lemonade stand. No offense to the 10 year old. You guys belong in an institution. Not the one for mentally ill, that would scare the patients. The institution I'm talking about is a museum. Where relics go so that people can pass by and say "I remember that".

I am going to announce today that I will do everything possible with the resources that I have to bring down the music business as it is today. No, I am not going to single handedly do this myself. I am going to use my show, my blog, and my voice to tell everyone in the world who listens, about how evil, antiquated, and stupid you are. But my job is actually not as difficult as you think. With all the actions you guys are taking against your customers, you are doing half the work for me. Heck, I wasn't impatient, I could wait a few more years and you'll do it for me. But I can't wait. I want you gone. You need to exist no more. Wake up music industry, your days are numbered, and I am one nail of many ready to seal your coffin.

Any thoughts? unsignedpodcast@gmail.com
Or Skype me at unsignedpodcast. You can use the Call Me button on the side bar to do this if you already have Skype.


Friday, November 04, 2005
  Sony Resorts to Spyware!
Just read a very disturbing post over at Sysinternals.com. It seems that Sony Music has resorted to installing spyware on your computer via special software that comes on certain Sony cd's you buy online or in brick and mortar stores. The article is a bit technical for some, but in a nutshell the poster says that he found some entries in his windows registry that were hidden and very hard to find. This is a scheme that spyware makers would employ.

After finding it, he then tried to figure out where it came from, Seems a company by the name of First4Internet has made the software. The process takes about 2% of cpu usage whether you are using Sony's software or not. Just imagine if every cd manufacturer had used this type of software. Have enough DRM spyware on your system, and it could render your computer useless! After trying to remove the Sony installed spyware, it actually disabled his cd drive.

I encourage you to check out the article. Again, it is rather technical, but it does get the point across. Just another reason not to buy RIAA music. Do these people understand that the more they try to "protect" their property, the more they alienate the consumer?
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
  Musicians Friend has a podcast section!
Click on the title of this post, and it will take you to Musicians Friends podcasting products. They have packages ranging in different price ranges featuring different mics, software, mixers, and peripherals.

There aren't any specific pieces of gear made for podcasters, but the packages are very podcaster friendly. The only caveat I have is that they are all entry level, and not a compressor in the lot. And of course, there is no information on what podcasting is and what you can do to start one. But of course, they only sell gear, not dreams.
  Hollywood is up to their old tricks again.
At BoingBoing.net, Cory Doctorow has a very scary piece of info. His post talks about how the movie industry wants to make everything with an analog output illegal to use except without permission from them. I don't have to tell you what a joke this is and how dangerous this is to technology and it's users.

Read the complete article by clicking on the title of this post.

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Monday, October 31, 2005
  Free Software!!!
From the Unsigned Podcast Network podcast:

3 software programs that will cost you nothing, nada, zilch.

DeeSampler. From Klaatus Dee Long, this program works with drum loops so you can edit, eq, and add fx. And it is 100 percent free


Survey Werks has a program that integrates with your site that offers free surveys. The software can create a survey that can fit the color scheme of your site so it looks natural. It is free, but does limit you to 100 responses. They do offer paid services after that.


Rebirth, the popular software that revolutionized synth emulation software and started an entire industry, is now free. Originally selling for about $300.00, it can now be downloaded via Bit Torrent from it's new site, the Rebirth Museum.

Sunday, October 30, 2005
  An Example of Why DRM Isn't Working
J. Wynia, web consultant, writer, and geek, has a great article on his site about an issue he had with a PDF ebook drenched in DRM. An on looker may find the experience quite comical, but I know if I had to deal with it, I would be pretty steamed.

After reading his experience, it made me shrink at the thought of ever needing to purchase an ebook, and if I did, I would probably be forced to seek out some sort of crack so that I could actually find any use to it.

I have bought an ebook in the past, but it did not have the type of DRM he is describing. Hopefully I never will.

But anyway, check out his article here.
  12 Ways to Promote Your Podcast
One of the more important questions podcasters have after they have created a podcast, is how do I get myself made known? How do people find my podcast.

Jake Ludington has a great article on his site "Jake Ludington's MediaBlab".

It talks about utilizing the power of the internet with email, directories, search engines, tags, etc. Definately a good read in my book. And he's just a smart guy.

So if you want Jake to learn you about this stuff, go here.

Thursday, October 27, 2005
  New Show On Unsigned Podcast Network
A new show on the podcasting site. Unsigned Daily Show. A show that talks about news pertaining to podcasters, musicians, and artists in the independant world.

We talk about the RIAA, Clear Channel, Google, Yahoo, iTunes, and all the regular well know players in the media world.

But I also talk about Ninjam, free software, DIY, Podsafe Music Network, Youth Media Council, Skype, independant artists, and more.

Check it out at http://unsignedpodcastnetwork.com/

We are also on iTunes now if you would like to subscribe there. Just do a search under unsigned podcast in the podcast directory.
Celebrating independant musicians, podcasts, and what they stand for. Also featuring news, reviews, and information about all things independant and what's happening in the world of media. www.unsignedpodcastnetwork.com

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