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Saturday, October 15, 2005
  Why Does Big Media disappoint?
You all know how I feel about radio. Most of the stations in my area, AM or FM, all have the same recycled junk that makes me feel like pulling my radio out of my car and smashing it with a hammer. Actually close to doing this since my cd player stopped working. Well, I have similar misgivings about TV as well.

I used to love testify. Yes, I am a geek. Deal with it. But than it merged with G4 and became G4Techtv. I thought, great! Now I can have the best of both channels. But then all my favorite shows started changing or disappearing. Then it just became G4. Now it looks like what happened if MTV married Microsoft. Kiddy content sprinkled with some content. What happened?

Comcast. A big media conglomerate bought it up and said "let's demographicise it!". Now it just plain sucks. Some of the same people are still there, but the shows are now unrecognizable to the old Techtv crowd. At least Leo Laporte is back. The only breath of fresh air on that god forsaken channel.

I am safe to say that Big Media has become too big for it's own good. But it doesn't just stop at your favorite channel, station, or show. Things are happening at the government level. Evil things. Things that would make you cry and want to hide your children. No, I'm not talking about another series with Paris Hilton, I'm talking about the coming hearings and the future of media and the level of control the people will not have.

I will not go into too many details here, but I will want you to go over to http://www.hearusnow.org/.

Did you know that congress is about to sell the public airwaves to the highest bidders? Did you know that you may not be able to watch tv soon without buying an HD box or having a subscription to cable or satellite? Have you ever heard about the broadcast flag? If you haven't, you better do your homework girlfriend, cause all these things are about to happen if people don't speak up for what they believe the public airwaves should be used for. So again, go to http://www.hearusnow.org/, and see what they have to say. And then do something about it.

Now personally, I think all the actions that big media are taking will eventually alienate them from the people, and we will have no choice but to find alternative sources. That is what the interweb is for. But I would like to have what little control I have left, until that day comes.

Let me know what you think............

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