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Monday, October 17, 2005
  Shure Unveils I Series Product Family
Integrated Earphones + Mobile Headset Merge Listening and Communication Devices

Shure Incorporated today unveiled the I Series Integrated Sound Isolating™ Earphones + Mobile Headset, a family of headset and earphone hybrids that eliminate the need to carry two accessories for a portable audio player and cellular phone. The I Series, which will begin shipping in November, marry the company's acclaimed E Series Sound Isolating Earphones and QuietSpot Mobile Headsets to provide the industry's first premium attachment to work with a cell phone, digital music player, or convergence device.

Offered in three different models, the i2c, i3c and i4c, the I Series complements popular portable listening devices such as the iPod®, as well as leading mobile communication systems including the PalmOne Treo™. The family of earphones will be available in two versions, giving consumers the option to choose between a dual connector for convenient attachment to an MP3 player and cellular phone, or a single connector for use with the PalmOne Treo. In either version, Shure's I Series enables consumers to alternate between total audio immersion and complete voice connection with one compact accessory.

The three distinct I Series models provide rich sound quality and increasingly detailed audio as you move up the line, and all incorporate the following:
Sound Isolation Technology: Shure's I Series Sound Isolating Earphones use a variety of sleeves that create a secure "sound isolating" seal within the ear. This naturally blocks out more background noise than active noise-cancellation technology, an approach that often introduces added sound artifacts into the listening experience.

High-Quality VoicePort Inline Microphone An inline microphone is acoustically tuned to filter out background clamor and minimize wind noise, ensuring that the user is heard in all situations.
Multi-Function Control Switch An easy-to-use switch allows users to adjust earphone volume and mute the inline microphone. The dual connector I Series models also have a source selector switch for maximum control and flexibility, allowing users to alternate between total audio immersion and complete voice connection.

Personal "Fit Kit" Each earphone comes with a "Fit Kit" designed to ensure maximum sound isolation and the most secure and comfortable sleeves for your ear. The kit includes a pair of disposable foam sleeves, three sizes of flex sleeves, and three sizes of ultra-soft flex. In addition, the i4c "Fit Kit" includes a pair of triple-flange sleeves.

"Convergence is no longer something for the future, and consumers expect their accessories to keep pace with the high quality, multi-functional devices that are being launched in the market," said Steve Doering, Director of Global Product Planning at Shure, Inc. "Building upon a legacy of innovation both in the professional microphone and consumer earphone industries, the I Series is a natural step for Shure, and one that will help us to lead this new and increasingly important category."

Pricing and AvailabilityEach I Series model combines Shure's unique earphone driver technology with an acoustically tuned VoicePort Inline microphone to filter background noise and minimize wind interference. The models are available in two versions: one single connection version designed for seamless operation with the Treo 650 smartphone, and a dual connector version which offers the convenience of one accessory for your digital music player and cell phone.

The I Series Integrated Sound Isolating Earphones, which will begin shipping in November, will come with a two-year warranty and will be available for purchase on the Shure Web site as well as through select retail partners including Amazon and InMotion Pictures.
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