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Monday, August 15, 2005
  Audio, Thy Name Is Podcast

Introduction to The Podcast Audio Series

With the introduction of podcasts into iTunes, the inevitability of listener turned podcaster only increases its chances. Those who feel the need to share their thoughts, play some music, or start the next great media empire, are finally grabbing at the chance to join this revolution/trend, call it what you want, so that whatever creative venture arises, it will be cast upon the vast landscape of the internet. The topics can vary from IT conversing, a husband and wife in a shack chatting it up, or a wanna be DJ playing independent music from the web.

But varying subjects are not the only differences in a Podcast. There are many different quality levels as well. There are some who come from a strong audio background, and have a polished, radio like sound. And then there are those on the opposite side of the spectrum. One part hiss, two parts distortion, and a dash of background noise, and you have not only a beginner podcaster, but a noob at the mic.

From the microphone, to the audio interface, the choices a podcaster makes, can have a huge impact on the quality of the Podcast. Yes, I suppose content is king when it comes to media, but is it not a good thing to make each successive Podcast your best? Would it really kill you to learn a little about audio, and the equipment involved? I don’t think so.

So with that, I introduce to you the Podcast Audio Series. A comprehensive but simple primer to assist the new, seasoned, or veteran podcaster in improving your sound over a small period of time. In the coming articles, we will go over equipment, simple audio theory applying to podcasters, and the steps needed to make a sweet smellin Podcast. I will even have audio examples in the form of a Podcast to compare the differences in techniques and quality levels. A before and after comparison in audio form. Isn’t that nice of me?

These are some of the subjects you have to look forward to:


Part 1 of this article, entitled “Your Acoustics Are Psycho!”, will be up next, so stay tuned.
This is indeed becoming an issue. people think they can use an el cheapo mic and sound gear, with no technical knowhow and create the worlds greatest podcast, not so!

Ben G
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